Welcome to Pretoria. This an ancient land full of culture and history. There are various countries and kingdoms of all types, filled with citizens of every race. The history is rich with events in every country, ocean, and continent.


This world is full of science, magic, and wonder. There are many different races, with even more sub-races to consider. Each race has at least one of culture or country unique to it. While some races share similar backgrounds, the details are the primary difference.


Throughout the history of Pretoria different countries have risen and fallen, through it all there were some that managed to remain strong or were flexible enough to change with the times while retaining their history. In many countries, the culture that founded them has been lost, yet they still retain different pieces of that culture within their current culture and ways of life.


Here we shall explore this world and see what we can find...

This is a Dungeons and Dragons world based off of the Third and Three point five edition books.


I do not own any of the Dungeons and Dragons material, its all from Wizards of the Coast, AEG, Mongoose Publishing, and Bastion Press.


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